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prayers' Journal

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I learned from my daughter a few nights ago that my s-i-l has a swollen tonsil. He was told that if one tonsil is swollen then the other one usually is. Well it's not. Only one tonsil is swollen. So - they are suspecting it may be a tumor. I don't know when he is going to see the specialist and when he will be having surgery. Please keep him in prayer.
Also if you could keep me in prayer- I still don't have a permanent job. My funds are low. I don't have enough to cover the rent for January and I don't know where or how I'm going to get it. I don't think my son can help me again. I'm sure he has all but wiped out whatever saving he may have had in the bank by paying the rent last month and the month before.
I'm trying to find a job but someone told me no-one is hiring this close to the holidays because they are too busy with other stuff and also don't want to deal with all of the paperwork. :(
One other thing. I fell a couple of nights ago. I was in the house. I tripped on a rug and down I went. Nothing broken but my left arm is still pretty sore.
Many thanks to you and God bless you.
Wishing you all God's Blessings for Christmas and the New Year.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

8:53AM - Prayer request(s)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Many thanks for Your Love and Mercy. Thank You for Your Son who came to save us.
I come now asking for Your divine intervention in several matters.
Please Dear Lord I ask You to shine Your Light of Healing, Love and Mercy down upon Steve. I don't know Steve very well Dear Lord but You do. You know he is sick and needs Your healing. I ask if it is Your will that he survive that You will heal him. Prayers also for his wife Denise. Send Your Light of Comfort and Love to her Dear Lord. They both need You desperately now. I ask also that You send them strength to deal with this and that they stay strong in their faith in You. I pray they will stay strong and continue to know that without You they can do nothing.
Dear Merciful Lord, I also ask for Your help in staying strong. I pray that I may and will stay strong and faithful. You know my financial situation is not so great right now. I realize I am not the only one in this situation. You know this as well. Please Dear Father, I need a job. A source of income. I know You will provide in any event. I pray that I can accept Your will no matter what that may be. I also realize there may be many dark days ahead, not just for me but for many others. Again- Your will be done Lord but I just need to remember to Keep the Faith and keep Believing in You, no matter what happens.
Heavenly Father- I ask these prayers and prayers for so many others. You know who they are Dear Lord. Please send your Love and Mercy down upon us. I ask all of this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord. Amen


Monday, November 24, 2008

5:16PM - Prayers for the desperate

Well the economy is already in the dumps and now it's the "holidays". Now many feel they need to go out and buy all kinds of stuff for family and friends or themselves. Many can't even pay their bills and/or mortgage or rent. I am in that category myself.
Many are desperate. Really desperate! Some may turn to crime. I am NOT in THAT category! But I may take to a street corner with a sign soon if I don't get a job or something.
Some even turn to suicide. Things can get that bad. Very sad. :(
Please- let's keep everyone in prayer. Especially those who've lost their jobs (and their have been many lately). Let's keep folks in prayer that have less than we do. But let us also Thank and Praise the Good Lord for what we do have. Can I get an AMEN!! on that?
Thank you and God Bless You



should someone pray that this community isn't lost and forgotten? because seriously, I thought you people would be more avid in praying. Get on the move, people.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4:19PM - Pray please

Please pray for the man who was shot today at the Democratic headquarters. He was critically injured. The man who shot him was also shot after being chase and later died of the wounds.
Pray for all concerned please. This country has just gone crazy lately.
Pray too about the situation in Georgia and Russia. Just please pray. Thank you.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


ooooookaaaaaaaaaay...... I'm just sixteen going to a church with a lot of people my age. I haven't been going for a while, and I just got back into the habit of it. And I'm thinking "This used to be my second home. Now I feel awkward." Everyone wants me to come back, of course, and I'm going tomorrow night, but it might be for all of the wrong reasons, just like before I quit going. It's why I quit going. 

I want to believe, but I totally stopped when my mom died eight years ago. I wanna feel the spirit, to be a good person and feel this peace everyone seems to have. But I tell myself I accept him, and nothing happens. Nothing tells me to stop doing things I do. 

My mom is really religious. I find it weird. 

Any prayers or suggestions?

Current mood: confused

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I usually don't write much about religion, but I have been at odds with the Christian peoples regarding the attitude towards the war. I almost am to the point I don't want to call myself a Christian, I really am thinking of changing my religion (in a way).
This is why I am really afraid of some of the Christian churches. Now my church isn't like this, but then again they are in some ways. Here in this video, shot in Tennesse, you see Memorial Day service at a church. No big deal right? Well yes and no. Look there, it is a tank/hummer in front of the church, and check out the giant Betsy Ross. And whatup, good ole Ollie North talks (yes it't true and he rappels into the podium!) and then listen to the sermon:
"They are fighting a people that will NOT tolerate our way of life. And if they had their way, this church would cease to exist, as you know it. We believe America is Gods gift to the world."

All I can say is OMG. WTF?

it starts off a little slow, but be patient until the video shows the church.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

7:09PM - please pray

Hey all,

I found out recently that a guy that graduated from high school with me died in Iraq this past weekend. If anyone is interested in keeping his family in your prayers ... I know I will be.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

2:30AM - Prayer Request (X-post from jesusfreaks)

I'm putting this in on behalf of deaddose, who's gone down the drain, through the sewerage, and out into the ocean. Please, I think this is urgent enough. According to his journal, he thinks the things he's done places him beyond salvation. Let us show that this is not true.

Two particular points: For his salvation, and hope in God our Redeemer, to whom nothing is impossible.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

8:39PM - Prayers for......

Tony Snow & Elizabeth Edwards

Also prayers for:

Chase Keener

He is a 15 year old Model High School student. He has just recently found out that the chemo is no longer working.

The only surgical option is to go in and remove all of his bowels and most of his lung, so this is not really an option. He told his mother that He is not going to fight anymore but give his pain to God. I want you all To know that he is asking for a miracle and I need to enlist your help. If each of you could add him to your prayer lists and forward this to any one else that could help pray, maybe we could give this fighting, young man some peace.

Prayer can heal so much and so many.

I do not know Chase Keener but was sent an e-mail from someone else who does, asking for prayers for him.

Thank you.


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